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Engine Parts


Disassembly cleaning can be easily performed, and it can be used semipermanently.
You can see the filter with your eyes directly, which is ideal for managing engine condition.
The oil filter improves friction loss.
The stress on the oil pump will be reduced and power will be improved as the same amount of oil is passed under about 1/7 the pressure of conventional paper products.
Its brilliant finish is also great as an accessory.
The finish is aluminum, and the beautifully cut fin efficiently disspates heat by running wind.The filter part uses a uniform net "304 stainless steel filter" with a high oil permeation efficiency of 35 microns, which is also used for medical purposes. "Neodymium rare earth magnet' is also equipped to capture sludge powerfully. It is a high-performance and ecological oil filter that has been attracting the most attention today, combining "non-disposable" environmental performance and economy with the latest performance and luxurious details.


¥31,900(tax included)



set of ntake side and exhaust side


Compatible Model : TOYOTA VITZ GRMN (NSP131) with 2ZR-FE engine


¥20,680(tax included)


※ The sale will end when all the stock has been sold.